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Benchmarking Image Moderation solutions

Comparing Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Sightengine on suggestive image detection

Feb 2nd, 2018

Command line app to sort your images by type

Have you ever wanted a simple way to sort all those photos you have on your hard-drive or in an old folder? Turns out there’s a way to do that and sort images based on their content.

Jan 15th, 2018

Inspirational image with quote

Detect artificial text in images

Preventing users from adding unwanted text, ads or personal information in images

Jan 8th, 2018

Impersonators using Natalie Portman's image

Removing fake profiles on dating sites

It is important for a dating site to delete fake profiles. On average 1 in 10 dating profiles created are fake.

Nov 27th, 2017

November 9th incident

Today, one of our cloud providers experienced major connectivity issues affecting most of our servers over several datacenters.

Nov 9th, 2017

Python Sightengine moderation

Python, Flask and Image Moderation

Python and Flask are a great combo, here's how Sightengine fits in

Jul 6th, 2017

PHP Sightengine moderation

PHP, Twig and Image Moderation

PHP is more than 10 years old, it's time the language gets a proper moderation SDK :)

Jun 19th, 2017

Vuejs Sightengine moderation

Vuejs and Image Moderation

Vuejs is a growing and powerful front-end framework

Jun 9th, 2017

Nodejs Sightengine moderation

Build a Moderation system with NodeJS and Sightengine

Moderation has become a necessity, especially image moderation. There are two ways to perform image moderation: manually and automatically.

May 24th, 2017

Pubnub Block with Sightengine

Bringing Image Moderation to PubNub's Global Realtime Data Stream Network

Today, Sightengine is partnering with PubNub to help developers handle user-generated content

Nov 17th, 2016

Image moderation Recommendation for perfect UX

The last thing you want is the moderation process to impact the user experience negatively

Sep 18th, 2016

Billions of photos

Image growth: users are producing, sharing and viewing more

The Mary Meeker report has come out with impressive numbers and great news for the image, video and visual content world.

Jun 3rd, 2016

Pony crying after Adsense ban

Avoid getting banned from Adsense because of user content

Numerous publishers have been banned by Adsense and lost a significant chunk of their revenues because one of their users uploaded unwanted content to their site or app.

May 10th, 2016

AI touching humans

Best moderation strategy: Humans or Deep Neural Networks?

Moderating your user-generated images is important to protect your brand and keep your users and advertisers happy. What are the different approaches at hand and how do you choose the appropriate solution? In this post we will go through the key elements that you should have in mind when you define your moderation strategy.

May 5th, 2016


Sightengine is an Artificial Intelligence company that develops image moderation APIs to empower business owners and developers. Sightengine's powerful image and video analysis technology is built on proprietary state-of-the-art Deep Learning systems and is made available through simple and clean APIs.

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