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Our Mission.

Sightengine's mission is to empower every company to improve lives and create delightful experiences through the best Computer Vision and Content Analysis technologies.

As humans, we experience and understand the world in large part through our eyes. At Sightengine, we aim to build technologies that can see, sense and understand the world just like we do, and apply them to improve experiences, workflows and processes.

One simple, scalable Platform.


A complete suite of products to address all your content-related needs. Detect unwanted content, redact and anonymize images and videos.



We help you cover all steps from defining your content rules, to reviewing and monitoring their implementation.

The Company.

Sightengine is an Artificial Intelligence company that empowers developers and businesses. Our powerful image and video analysis technology is built on proprietary state-of-the-art Deep Learning systems and is made available through simple and clean APIs.

Sightengine is head-quartered in the very center of Paris, a city home to world-class scientists, mathematicians and developers in the fields of Machine Learning and Computer Vision. Today, we are serving customers all around the world and are operating in datacenters in numerous countries.

The Technology.

We have worked hard to build the best AI technologies for Content Moderation and Content Redaction purposes. We were the first company to provide moderation services based on Deep Learning and have since continuously widened the scope of our models and pushed the boundaries on accuracy, speed and efficiency. Our models consistently outperform comparable solutions from other top providers.

Our Technology is entirely proprietary and has been built, trained and tuned specifically for our customers' needs. We also work hand-in-hand with select customers to further customize our technology to each different use-case and need.

Our Technology has a proven track-record, helping social networks, messaging apps, marketplaces and others improve their experiences.

Our Partners.

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Sightengine is looking for talented, passionate individuals to build and grow the best Computer Vision and Analysis technologies. We embrace remote work: work from Paris, France or anywhere in the world.

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