Content Moderation made easy

Moderate and filter all your content in realtime with our API. Automatically detect objectionable images, videos or texts.

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Moderate any content, at any time

With the Sightengine API, you can analyze and filter any user-generated content. Written text, photos, videos, usernames, you name it.


woman's profile photo example image

Texts, Messages, Usernames

woman's profile photo


woman's profile photo example video

Detect any unwanted content

Easily choose what models you want to apply. Create your own Moderation rules. Change them at any time.

Filter user messages, chats and texts

Text moderation is hard. This is why we have put a lot of work into making sure our algorithms catch any objectionable content:

  • - inappropriate language (racist, discriminatory, insults, swear words...)
  • - sexual content
  • - personal information (phone numbers, email addresses, social security numbers...)

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Inappropriate language, Insults

man's profile photo

What the f&$ck happened?

Profanity found. Processing took 6ms

female profile photo

I ignore j33rks like him

Profanity found. Processing took 9ms

Sexual content

woman's profile photo

Like s_*_x?? Wanna see my t!ts?

Sexual content found. Processing took 9ms

Personal information, links

man's profile photo

I'm at rick(at)gmail(dot)com

Personal Email found. Processing took 13ms

male profile photo

Check out my blog:

External URL found. Processing took 15ms

Sexual or suggestive content

man's profile photo

Suggestive pose found

man's profile photo

Bare male chest found

Unwanted content

man's profile photo

Knife found

man's profile photo

Alcohol found

Analyze Images and Videos

User-generated images and videos can harm your brand and offense your users. Make sure you don't let inappropriate content, explicit or suggestive content get through

Read more on our Image Moderation and Video Moderation products.

Highly customizable: Define your own custom rules

Different communities need different moderation rules. Easily set up rules that work best with your community and your brand.
Nudity and suggestive content
  • Bikini
  • Suggestive cleavage
  • Bare Male chest
  • Lingerie
  • Explicit nudity
Unwanted content
  • Children
  • Weapons
  • Alcohol
  • Medical drugs
  • Artificial text
Offensive content
  • Middle fingers
  • Nazi symbols
  • Confederate flag
  • ISIS flag
  • SS bolts

High Accuracy, Fine Grained Results

Your customers expect their content to be validated correctly and immediately β€” not eventually. We constantly monitor our accuracy and speed.
99.2% F1 accuracy on
porn detection

Best-in-class accuracy. Specialist models and A.I. trained specifically for User-content Moderation.

Always up to date. Continuously improved and optimized.

21ms median text
processing time

Instant response. No moderation queues. No unnecessary waiting.

Optimized for speed. Powerful Hardware for Text and Media Analysis.

Speed: Worldwide distribution and close endpoints

Choose where your content gets processed. For compliance and for speed.

Core Regions

3 core regions available to all customers: North America, Western Europe, Central Europe.

Enterprise Regions

4 enterprise regions available for custom deployments for Enterprise customers: US East, US West, Singapore, Eastern Australia.

Quick and Easy to setup

Our API was designed by developers for developers. We have worked hard to make it simple and quick to integrate with. Access our detailed documentation, quickstart guides, easy-to-integrate SDKs or talk to our live support whenever needed.
# copy and paste this in your terminal
curl -X GET -G '' \
     -d 'url=' \
     -d 'models=nudity-2.1,weapon,gore-2.0,offensive,text-content'
# install the SDK with "pip install sightengine"
client = SightengineClient('{api_user}', '{api_secret}')
output = client.check('nudity-2.1', 'weapon', 'gore-2.0', 'offensive', 'text-content') \
// install the SDK with "composer require sightengine/client-php"
use \Sightengine\SightengineClient;
$client = new SightengineClient('{api_user}', '{api_secret}');
$check = $client->check(['nudity-2.1', 'weapon', 'gore-2.0', 'offensive', 'text-content']);
$output = $check->set_url('');
// install the SDK with "npm install sightengine --save"
var sightengine = require('sightengine')('{api_user}', '{api_secret}');
sightengine.check(['nudity-2.1', 'weapon', 'gore-2.0', 'offensive', 'text-content']).set_url('').then(function(result) {
  // The API response (result)
}).catch(function(err) {
  // Handle error

Scale to the sky. Easily moderate your content as your business grows from a couple to billions of items per month.

Absolute privacy. No human reviewers in the loop. Your content stays private. Just the way your users expect it to be.

Protect your users. Protect your brand.