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Automatically Moderate product Images & Videos from 3rd-party vendors

Define and implement your own custom rules for product images and videos on your marketplace. Check all your vendors' media in realtime with our automated APIs and/or through our all-in-one moderation tool.

Adult content & nudity
Nudity detection
Offensive content
Offensive content detection
Weapon detection
Drug-related items
Cannabis detection
Beer and alcohol detection
Tobacco product detection
Underaged content
Child detection
Illegal content
Gambling and illegal content detection
Profanity & personal information
Spoken and written profanity moderation

Improve the Quality and Relevance of your Marketplace

Cut through the noise and make your product listings beautifully relevant to your customers. Automatically identify high-quality listings, detect blurry or otherwise low-quality images and address them. Detect duplicate items and content. Categorize product images to simplify product management and search.

Determine the quality of images and videos
Image Quality
Detect duplicate images
Duplicate detection
Detect and catch spammy behaviors
Spam detection
Categorize images and products

Our solutions

Sightengine API

Integrate with our existing suite of AI models. Submit product images and videos to our API. Use the moderation results to accept, reject or review product listings on your end. Simple and straightforward integration, you could be up and running within a day!

Simple API to moderate content
Custom AI built on your datasets and tailored to your needs

Sightengine Custom AI

Work with a dedicated AI engineer to tailor our AI models to your specific needs and datasets. We work hand-in-hand to deliver customized moderation solutions, and help you assess performance over time.


Sightengine Integrated Moderation

Use our all-in-one moderation tool to submit, moderate and review product images and videos. You can upload content to our API and use our Moderation Tool to define your rules, monitor your operations, perform manual moderation and get reports.

Dedicated platform to track and review moderation results and analytics

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Jonathan Elalouf
CEO Lightyshare
With Sightengine we are now able to moderate all content and all messages that go through our platform in realtime. As a marketplace, it is important for us to make sure all products and items that our users and partners post are legitimate and abide by our community rules. This is extremely important to protect our community and protect our brand.

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