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June 2024

LinkedIn is disabling a feature allowing advertisers to target European users based on membership in groups. Read more EU ProductPrivacy
New York is passing a bill banning social media platforms from using "addictive" recommendation algorithms for child users. Read more US RegulatoryChild Safety
WeChat is requiring all creators on the platform to disclose whether a published post was generated using AI. Read more WorldWeChat ProductAI
Spain is announcing measures to ensure parental controls on smartphones by default. Read more Spain RegulatoryChild Safety
The European Commission is formally designating Temu as a Very Large Online Platform (VLOP) under the Digital Services Act (DSA). Read more EU Regulatory

May 2024

Twitch is disbanding its Safety Advisory Council and is replacing it with Twitch Ambassadors. Read more WorldTwitch Product
Ofcom is providing a fraud-specific Online Safety Act update. Read more EU RegulatoryMisinformationPrivacy
OpenAI is creating a safety and security committee led by senior executives. Read more WorldOpenAI Product
Nebraska is sueing TikTok fore exposing kids to harmful content. Read more USTikTok ProductChild Safety
France is banning TikTok on the island of New Caledonia to tackle swelling riots. Read more FranceTikTok Regulatory
TikTok is introducing "Content Credentials", a digital watermark to label AI-created images and videos. Read more or even more WorldTikTok ProductAI
Ofcom is publishing draft online child safety rules for tech firms. Read more EU RegulatoryChild Safety
Belgium is becoming responsible for regulating messaging application Telegram. Read more EUTelegram Regulatory

April 2024

The European Commission is opening formal proceedings against Meta under the Digital Services Act. Read more EUMeta Regulatory
The European Commission is formally designating Shein as a Very Large Online Platform (VLOP) under the Digital Services Act (DSA). Read more EU Regulatory
The European Commission is opening infringement procedures against six countries for not having yet designated their Digital Services Coordinators. Read more EU Regulatory
TikTok is updating its guidelines to restrict weight loss content. Read more WorldTikTok ProductSubstances
Tinder is adding a new safety feature to the app, so online daters can let friends and families know where they are. Read more WorldTinder Product
Italy is working on a bill for regulating the development and use of artificial intelligence. Read more Italy RegulatoryAI
Meta is testing features that blur messages containing nudity to safeguard teens on Instagram. Read more WorldMeta ProductChild Safety
Meta is announcing an update to its AI labeling policy, expanding its definition of “manipulated media” to go beyond AI-generated videos. Read more or even more WorldMeta ProductAI
The European Commission is issuing digital measures under the DSA to combat electoral risks. Read more EU RegulatoryMisinformation

March 2024

TikTok is unveiling a global Youth Council,aiming at improving younger user safety. Read more WorldTikTok ProductChild Safety
The EU is passing the world’s first comprehensive law regulating artificial intelligence. Read more EU RegulatoryAI

February 2024

Canada is introducing the Online Harms Act that will make platforms responsible for reducing exposure to damaging content. Read more or even more Canada Regulatory
The European Commission is setting up an AI office to enforce new rules on artificial intelligence systems and support innovation in AI. Read more EU RegulatoryAI
The Digital Services Act is entering into full force. Read more or even more EU Regulatory

January 2024

Sri Lanka is passing a new bill to regulate online content. Read more Sri Lanka Regulatory
Florida is passing two bills that restricts minors from accessing certain social media platforms. Read more US RegulatoryChild Safety
Substack is implementing a new “report” button in its app, allowing readers to flag posts and publications directly. Read more or even more WorldSubstack Product
Meta is restricting teens from viewing content that deals with topics like suicide, self-harm, and eating disorders. Read more WorldMeta ProductChild SafetySelf-harm
Pornhub is restrincting access in North Carolina and Montana, fighting against government age verification laws. Read more USPornhub ProductAdult

December 2023

A federal judge has denied X’s attempt to temporarily halt a California content moderation law. Read more US Product
Sri Lanka is introducing a new hotline through which victims can report harassment of women and children. Read more Sri Lanka ProductChild SafetyHarassment
Three pornography websites are joining the Digital Services Act’s very large online platforms list. Read more or even more EU RegulatoryAdult
Meta is rolling out end-to-end encryption for calls and messages across Facebook and Messenger. Read more WorldMeta Product
Meta is planning to disable its cross-messaging feature between Facebook and Instagram to comply with the Digital Market Act. Read more or even more WorldMeta Product
Ofcom is sharing new guidelines requiring platforms to use credit card checks and photo ID matching to confirm users are over 18. Read more EU RegulatoryChild Safety
UK's government is joining forces with leading tech companies to develop and commit to the Online Fraud Charter. Read more UK RegulatoryMisinformation

November 2023

Meta is updating its political advertising policies to cover AI-generated imaged and videos. Read more WorldMeta ProductMisinformation
Australia is releasing new online safety standards to tackle terror and CSAM, including deepfakes created using generative AI. Read more or even more Australia RegulatoryChild SafetyExtremismMisinformationViolence
TikTok is taking action to remove videos promoting terrorism from the platform. Read more WorldTikTok ProductExtremismViolence
Meta's Oversight Board is reviewing the app's handling of a video showing an unveiled woman in Iran. Read more WorldMeta Product
Nepal decided to ban TikTok, asking internet service providers to shut down the app. Read more NepalTikTok Regulatory
Google is launching Notes, an experimental feature that allows users to share human insights on search results. Read more WorldGoogle Product
YouTube is announcing a series of policy changes aiming to inform viewers when content has been generated by AI. Read more WorldYouTube RegulatoryMisinformation
Ofcom is introducing its first guidance related to grooming for tech platforms on complying with the Online Safety Act. Read more UK RegulatoryChild Safety
YouTube is launching new features to prevent harmful content exposure for teens. Read more WorldYouTube ProductChild Safety

October 2023

X is announcing that posts corrected by Community Notes will now become ineligible for revenue share. Read more World ProductMisinformation
The UK Online Safety Bill is becoming law. Read more UK Regulatory
Meta is declining its Oversight Board's advice from August 2023 to tighten oversight of drug-related posts. Read more WorldMeta ProductSubstances
The Online Safety Bill is becoming law in the UK. Read more UK Regulatory
The UE is signing a digital services agreement with Ireland to support new EU online safety rules. Read more EUIreland Regulatory
The UE is adopting rules on independent audits under the Digital Services Act to assess compliance of VLOPs. Read more EU Regulatory
The UE is requesting Meta, X and TikTok to share information on their response to the Israel-Hamas conflict Read more or even more EUMetaTikTok Regulatory
Discord is unveiling a system called “Teen Safety Assist” that will warn minors when they get a suspicious message. Read more or even more WorldDiscord ProductChild Safety
Meta and TikTok are announcing they took action to counter misinformation following the attack by Hamas on Israel. Read more or even more WorldTikTok ProductMisinformation
EU is warning Meta, X and TikTok that it could face fines for failing to remove illegal pro-Hamas content. Read more or even more EUMetaTikTok RegulatoryMisinformation
Microsoft is launching its Xbox Gaming Safety Toolkit for parents and caregivers in Singapore. Read more SingaporeMicrosoft ProductChild Safety
India is asking X, YouTube and Telegram to ensure any child sexual abuse material is removed from their platforms. Read more IndiaTelegramYouTube RegulatoryChild Safety
Snapchat is facing accusations over its failure to assess privacy risks of its generative AI chatbot "My AI". Read more WorldSnapchat ProductPrivacy
Vietnam is alleging that TikTok is failing to block illegal content, including harmful content for children. Read more VietnamTikTok RegulatoryChild Safety
Louisiana is rejecting a porn-industry group’s challenge to a law requiring age verification to enter pornographic websites. Read more US RegulatoryChild Safety
Meta's Oversight Board is planning to open a case involving political deepfakes. Read more or even more WorldMeta ProductMisinformation

September 2023

X is disabling a tool allowing users to report electoral fake news. Read more World ProductMisinformation
The European Commission is launching the DSA Transparency Database for users to access statistics and statements of reasons. Read more EU Regulatory
The UK parliament is agreeing to the Online Safety Bill. Read more UK Regulatory
The Mental Health Coalition is launching the Safe Online Standards for Kids' Mental Health (S.O.S) initiative to create a rating system across platforms. Read more World ProductChild Safety
Meta's Oversight Board is urging the platform to improve the distinction between hate speech and criticism of hate speech. Read more WorldMeta ProductHate
X is suing California alleging its new content moderation law violates First Amendment rights. Read more US Product
Luxembourg is granting approval for the implementation of the Digital Services Act. Read more Luxembourg Regulatory
Snapchat is announcing new safety features such as In-app Warnings to protect teens from potential online risks. Read more WorldSnapchat ProductChild Safety
The EU is naming six gatekeepers that must face the highest level of scrutiny under the DMA. Read more or even more EUAmazonAppleGoogleMetaMicrosoftTikTok Regulatory
Malaysia is considering new regulations that will make Google and Meta compensate news outlets for content sourced from them. Read more MalaysiaGoogleMeta Regulatory

August 2023

Kyrgyzstan's Culture Ministry is requesting that digital censors block access to TikTok, worried by the availability of harmful content and the lack of age restrictions on the app. Read more KyrgyzstanTikTok RegulatoryChild SafetyViolence
ADL is urging Meta’s Oversight Board to take action to improve addressing Holocaust denial and distortion. Read more WorldMeta ProductHateMisinformation
Meta's Oversight Board is announcing Holocaust Denial as a new case for consideration, inviting people and organizations to submit public comments. Read more WorldMeta ProductHateMisinformation
Meta is rejecting a recommendation from its Oversight Board to suspend the account of Cambodia's former Prime Minister. Read more CambodiaMeta ProductViolence
Meta is revising its Adult Sexual Exploitation policy, permitting sharing of content involving non-consensual sexual touching if posted with the aim of raising awareness. Read more WorldMeta ProductAdult
New Zealand is planning to introduce a legislation for a digital services tax on large multinational companies from 2025. Read more New Zealand Regulatory
The Digital Services Act (DSA) is going into effect, starting on on August 25th, 2023. Read more or even more Europe Regulatory
TikTok is agreeing to moderate content on its platform in Kenya. Read more KenyaTikTok Product
Snap is announcing that its users will soon be able to opt out of content personalization. Read more WorldSnapchat Product
Somalia is banning TikTok and Telegram over the spread of horrific content and misinformation. Read more SomaliaTelegramTikTok RegulatoryMisinformation
Instagram's users users will now be able to access features without seeing content that's been ranked by Meta's recommendation algorithms. Read more WorldMeta Product
X is announcing it will remove a protective feature letting users block other accounts, except for direct messages. Read more World Product
Google is launching its new Transparency Center on which users can learn more about policies, reporting inappropriate content or appealing a ban. Read more WorldGoogle Product
YouTube is updating its policies to tackle medical misinformation and remove harmful cancer claims. Read more WorldYouTube ProductMisinformation
TikTok is announcing that its EU users will be able to switch off its content-selection algorithm to comply with the DSA. Read more EUTikTok Product
Meta's Oversight Board is urging the company to have stricter rules bannning gender-based violence. Read more WorldMeta ProductHate

July 2023

Seven big tech companies are agreeing to commit to new standards in security, trust and safety. Read more World Product
The UK is proposing new rules targeting illegal ads and fake celebrity scams. Read more UK RegulatoryMisinformation
Kazakhstan is adopting new laws on online platforms and online advertising to fight misinformation and tax evasion. Read more Kazakhstan RegulatoryMisinformation
TikTok is expanding access to its research API to Europe and is launching an ads transparency library to comply with the DSA. Read more EUTikTok Product
Singapore is introducing a new code of practice for social media platforms to ensure online safety. Read more Singapore RegulatoryChild SafetyViolence
TikTok is agreeing to perform a stress test to prepare for the EU's Digital Services Act. Read more EUTikTok RegulatoryRegulatory
UK lawmakers are agreeing that the Online Safety Bill should cover activities in the metaverse to protect children and vulnerable individuals from harmful content. Read more UK RegulatoryChild Safety
Ofcom is estimating it will cost around £169m in the next two years to create a new regulatory regime under the Online Safety Bill. Read more UK Regulatory
Xbox is adding a reactive voice chat moderation, allowing players to capture and submit 60-second audio clips of inappropriate voice chat messages. Read more WorldMicrosoft Product
Discord is expanding its policies to address generative artificial intelligence that can create fake content and the sexualization of children. Read more WorldDiscord ProductChild Safety
Seven companies are declaring they meet the crtiteria to be gatekeepers under the Digital Markets Act. Read more or even more EU Regulatory

June 2023

The UK is making last minute amendments to the Online Safety Bill, requiring pornographic sites to use age verification measures. Read more UK RegulatoryChild Safety
Meta's oversight board is urging Cambodian Prime Minister's suspension for six months for posting a video violating rules against violent threats. Read more CambodiaMeta ProductViolence
TikTok is launching a new feature enabling parents to filter out videos they don't want their children to see. Read more WorldTikTok ProductChild Safety
An amendment to the Online Safety Bill is eliminating the requirement to have proof that perpetrators of revenge porn intended to cause distress. Read more UK RegulatoryAdultHarassment
TikTok is developing a youth council to build safety tools that are more effective for teenagers. Read more WorldTikTok ProductChild Safety
An amendment to the Online Safety Bill is giving Ofcom the right to force tech companies to hand over deceased children's data. Read more UK RegulatoryChild Safety
Meta and the EU have agreed on a stress test in July on the EU's online content rules. Read more EUMeta RegulatoryRegulatory
Meta is rolling back its measures to curb the spread of Covid misinformation. Read more WorldMeta ProductMisinformation
Meta is implementing new updates requiring advertisers to designate the beneficiary and the payer for their ads. Read more WorldMeta Product
The US senate is reintroducing the Platform Accountability and Transparency Act (PATA), a bill that would hold AI companies liable for harmful content. Read more or even more US Regulatory
Texas is signing a bill banning kids under 18 joining social media sites without parental consent. Read more US RegulatoryChild Safety
The Global Project Against Hate and Extremism (GPAHE) is releasing a database compiling more than 300 hate and far-right extremist symbols. Read more or even more World ProductExtremismHate
Apple is annoucing that a new feature will soon warn users when receiving unsolicited nudes. Read more WorldApple ProductAdult
The EU is urging social media platforms to start labelling AI-generated content and images. Read more EU RegulatoryMisinformation
YouTube is announcing it will no longer remove videos with false claims of fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Read more WorldYouTube ProductMisinformation
Meta shareholders are voting against an inquiry into allegations of political entanglement and content management biases. Read more IndiaMeta Regulatory

May 2023

Twitter is launching Community Notes for images in posts to address misleading images and emphasize crowdsourced moderation. Read more WorldTwitter ProductMisinformation
Twitter is pulling out of the EU's voluntary code to fight disinformation. Read more EUTwitter RegulatoryMisinformation
The US are taking new steps to protect the privacy, safety and mental health of children online. Read more US RegulatoryChild SafetyPrivacy
The EU is launching a Digital Transformation Centre to support Kenya's transition, promoting a human-centered digital economy. Read more KenyaUE Regulatory
The UK is adding a new proposition to the Online Safety Bill, making it illegal to promote or assist self-harm and suicide. Read more UK RegulatorySelf-harm
The UK is proposing an amendment to the Online Safety Bill, requiring platforms to prevent online abuse and violence against women. Read more UK RegulatoryHateViolence
Germany is proposing an advisory board monitoring the implementation and enforcement of the DSA. Read more Germany Regulatory
Vietnam is planning to require Facebook, YouTube and TikTok users to verify their accounts Read more VietnamMetaTikTokYouTube Regulatory
The EU is proposing a survivors' board aiming to fight the dissemination of child sexual abuse material online and offline. Read more EU RegulatoryChild Safety
Mozilla is launching a new Mastodon server to test content moderation that is different to other social media platforms, with no focus on free speech or ‘neutrality’. Read more WorldMozilla Product
The EU is launching a consultation on draft rules on how independent audits should be conducted under the DSA for VLOPs and VLOSEs. Read more EU Regulatory
The US are introducing a new legislation that would make sharing non-consensual AI-generated pornography illegal. Read more US RegulatoryAdult
US senators are reintroducing the Kids Online Safety Act to help protect kids from harmful online content. Read more US RegulatoryChild Safety

April 2023

The US are proposing a bill that would set a national age limit, banning kids under 13 from using social media. Read more US RegulatoryChild Safety
UK is introducing the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumer Bill, which will allow its regulator to oversee major tech firms. Read more UK Regulatory
Texas is giving initial approval to a bill requiring platforms to protect minors from harmful content and give parents more control. Read more US RegulatoryChild SafetyPrivacy
The EU is releasing the names of 19 VLOPs and VLOSEs that will need to comply with the DSA within 4 months. Read more or even more EU Regulatory
Florida is advancing a bill requiring companies to be more transparent and to get permission to collect and sell personal data. Read more US RegulatoryPrivacy
TikTok is changing its misinformation policy to ban all climate change denial content on its platform. Read more WorldTikTok ProductMisinformation
Meta's Oversight Board is asking the social media company to keep its covid misinformation policy and to be more transparent when removing content. Read more WorldMeta ProductMisinformation
YouTube is updating its guidelines for eating disorder-related content, banning content including extreme calorie counting or purging after eating. Read more WorldYouTube ProductSelf-harm
China is pledging to intensify its battle against "illegal" political content by boosting its system of tip-offs. Read more China Regulatory
Montana is giving final approval to a bill that will come into effect in January, making it illegal for app stores to offer TikTok. Read more USTikTok Regulatory
Twitter is removing a policy prohibiting the targeted deadnaming or misgendering of transgender people from its moderation guidelines. Read more WorldTwitter ProductHate
The EU is launching the European Centre for Algorithmic Transparency, its first task will be providing scientific and technological expertise to enforce the DSA. Read more EU Regulatory
Twitter is planning to add visible labels on tweets that have been identified as potentially violating its policies. Read more WorldTwitter Product
Brazil is introducing new social media restrictions over school violence content. Read more Brazil RegulatoryChild SafetyViolence
Vietnam is announcing it will start to investigate TikTok in May for harmful content. Read more VietnamTikTok Regulatory
Arkansas is signing a bill imposing a minimum age limit for social media usage. Read more US RegulatoryChild Safety
China and the US are both requesting for public comment on accountability measures for advanced AI systems such as ChatGPT. Read more ChinaUS Regulatory
India is prohibiting Facebook, Twitter and others from hosting misleading information about the government, requiring them to rely on their own fact-check unit. Read more IndiaFacebookTwitter RegulatoryMisinformation
Snapchat is launching new tools to improve its AI chatbot, including an age filter ensuring it responds according to the user's age. Read more WorldSnapchat ProductChild Safety
Facebook is planning to roll out new policies making users able to have greater control over "demoted" and fact-checked content. Read more WorldMeta Product
Ireland is confirming that the newly established Media Commission will take on the role of "digital services coordinator" under the DSA next year. Read more Ireland Regulatory
Germany is accusing Twitter of repeatedly failing to comply with the NetzDG, a social media hate speech takedowns law. Read more GermanyTwitter Regulatory Hate
Canada is examining a bill requiring sites showing sexually explicit material to have valid age verification for users. Read more Canada RegulatoryAdultChild Safety

March 2023

Twitter is opening some source code to public inspection, including the algorithm used to recommend tweets to users. Read more WorldTwitter Product
Italy is temporarily banning ChatGPT over privacy concerns and lack of age verification. Read more Italy RegulatoryChild SafetyPrivacy
Meta is rolling out a new system to separate ads from harmful or controversial content. Read more WorldMeta Product
Meta's oversight board is uphelding an April 2022 decision allowing users in Sri Lanka to solicit drugs on Facebook to fight an ongoing medical supply crisis. Read more Sri LankaMeta ProductSubstances
Teleperformance is resuming its full-service content moderation services, including moderation of highly egregious content. Read more WorldTeleperformance Product
Yubo and the AFNOR Group are forming a working group to create a new safety standard on the prevention of risks and protection of minors on social networks. Read more or even more WorldAFNORYubo ProductChild Safety
TikTok is unveiling its updated community guidelines that will focus on improving content moderation on the platform and take effect on April 21st. Read more WorldTikTok ProductChild SafetyMisinformation
Snapchat is publishing guidelines in its Family Center, detailing how content gets algorithmically recommended to minors. Read more WorldSnapchat ProductChild Safety
UNESCO is launching a National Coalition on Freedom of Expression and Content Moderation in Kenya. Read more Kenya RegulatoryHateMisinformation
The House of Representatives is passing a bill to protect online speech from federal officials. Read more US RegulatoryPrivacy
Meta is introducing a new way for users to authenticate their account with a missed call. Read more WorldMeta ProductPrivacy
Texas is proposing a bill requiring platforms to protect minors from harmful content and to get parental consent before data collection. Read more US RegulatoryChild SafetyPrivacy
Meta's oversight board is reviewing the moderation of the Arabic word "shaheed", meaning "martyr" in English, the word associated with most content removals. Read more WorldMeta ProductExtremism
Wisconsin is joining other states requesting court order for TikTok to comply with investigation into its communication practices. Read more USTikTok ProductChild SafetyPrivacy
Meta's oversight board is planning to scrutinize the social network’s policies surrounding election content in Brazil and other “high-risk” areas. Read more BrazilMeta ProductMisinformation
Amazon Prime Video is signing an agreement with the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) to produce age ratings for content. Read more UKAmazon ProductChild Safety
Whatsapp is agreeing to be more transparent on changes to its terms of service according to the European Commission. Read more or even more WorldMeta Product
Facebook is revamping its "cross-check" moderation system after facing criticism for applying different review processes for VIP vs regular users. Read more WorldMeta Product
Twitter is now prohibiting "wishes of harm" in its new violent speech policy, banning users expressing desire for harm. Read more WorldTwitter ProductHateViolence
TikTok is setting a new default 60-minute daily screen time limit for minors. Read more WorldTikTok ProductChild Safety

February 2023

Singapore is examining a new Code of Practice seeking to remove harmful content from app stores. Read more Singapore RegulatoryAdultChild SafetyViolence
Signal is threatening to shut down in the UK if the Online Safety Bill forces the platform to violate users privacy. Read more UKSignal ProductPrivacy
Australian e-safety commissioner is asking TikTok, Twitter and Google to hand over information on handling online child abuse. Read more or even more AustraliaGoogleTikTokTwitter RegulatoryChild Safety
Meta is reforming its penalty system "Facebook Jail", saying users will now be receiving a warning first for most violations. Read more WorldMeta Product
TikTok is announcing the creation of new European data centers to stay in compliance with EU DSA rules. Read more EUTikTok ProductPrivacy
The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is launching a new short-code aiming at combating fake news. Read more Nigeria RegulatoryMisinformation
Meta is launching Meta Verified in Australia and New Zealand, a new paid verification service. Read more AustraliaNew ZealandMeta Product
UK is announcing that content generated by AI chatbots will fall within the Online Safety Bill's scope. Read more UK RegulatoryChild SafetyMisinformationSelf-harm
Tennessee is examining a bill asking phone manufacturers to track and block harmful content from minors. Read more US RegulatoryAdultChild SafetyViolence
Meta's oversight board is announcing it will now review more types of content moderation cases and publish some decisions on an expedited basis. Read more WorldMeta Product
Meta is rolling out a new version of its ad-matching tool, providing more information about how users activities are feeding ML models. Read more WorldMeta ProductPrivacy
Arkansas is proposing a new bill requiring ID to access pornographic websites. Read more US RegulatoryAdultChild Safety
Google is expanding its misinformation "prebunking" initiative to Germany. Read more GermanyGoogle ProductMisinformation
British peers are proposing an amendment to the Online Safety Bill, requiring a greater protection for women online. Read more UK RegulatoryHarassment
California is attempting for the second time to hold social media liable for addicting child users to their product. Read more US RegulatoryChild Safety
Meta is launching new comment moderation tools allowing creators on Facebook to view moderation statistics and manage conversations. Read more WorldMeta Product
Google is introducing a blur feature helping users avoiding explicit images while using the search engine. Read more WorldGoogle ProductAdultViolence
France is imposing age verification to block access to pornographic websites for minors from next September. Read more France RegulatoryAdultChild Safety
California is examining a bill targeting fentanyl and firearms sale and harm promotion to children on social media. Read more US RegulatoryChild SafetySubstancesViolence
TikTok is opening transparency and accountability centers to visitors. Read more WorldTikTok Product
TikTok is rolling out a revamped account enforcement system, including a new strike system and features dealing with recommendations. Read more WorldTikTok Product

January 2023

The Supreme Court is taking up Section 230 for two cases to be heard in February, involving social media's relationship to terrorist activity. Read more US RegulatoryExtremism
Japan is creating a new agency to counter fake news and online disinformation. Read more Japan RegulatoryMisinformation
Twitter is planning to limit permanent suspensions of accounts breaking its rules, adding that any user will be able to appeal an account suspension. Read more WorldTwitter Product
India is forming three Grievance Appellate Committees to oversee social media content moderation. Read more India Regulatory
The National Police Agency is adding murder, guns and explosives to contents that can be requested for removal by internet service providers in March. Read more Japan RegulatoryViolence
Rights groups are asking Meta to improve content moderation in Africa after its main outsourcing partner stopped providing services. Read more AfricaMeta Product
Tinder and WESNET are releasing a Dating Safety Guide including the ability to block abusive users, report offensive messages instantly and access to the Australian Safety Centre. Read more or even more AustraliaTinder Product
TikTok is launching its offline Safety Ambassadors Programme in Bangladesh as part of the #SaferTogether campaign to make the platform safer. Read more BangladeshTikTok Product
Meta's oversight board is announcing the removal of the Ukrainian far-right military group Azov Regiment from its list of dangerous individuals and organizations. Read more WorldMeta ProductExtremism
EU regulators are warning TikTok must comply with the Digital Services Act rules by next September. Read more EUTikTok Regulatory
CNIL is warning that some age verification methods requiring face scans to access pornographic websites could be used for blackmail. Read more US RegulatoryAdultChild Safety
The Supreme Court is asking The Biden administration to weigh in on two content moderation cases. Read more or even more US Regulatory
Meta's oversight board is sharing their decision to redefine Facebook and Instagram's community rules regarding nudity in a less discriminatory way. Read more or even more WorldMeta ProductAdult
An amendment to the Online Safety Bill is calling for tech company executives to be liable for prosecution if failing to protect children online. Read more or even more UK RegulatoryChild Safety
Louisiana is passing a new law requiring residents to provide proof of their age with an official ID to access pornographic websites. Read more US RegulatoryAdultChild Safety
China is implementing new rules on generative AI and deepfakes, requiring specific labeling and banning their use for fake news generation. Read more China RegulatoryMisinformation
The United Nation’s 2022 Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is discussing internet fragmentation among democracies vs. driven by authoritarian states. Read more World Regulatory
TikTok is announcing creators are now able to restrict their videos to adult viewers. Read more WorldTikTok ProductChild Safety
Google is developing a free moderation tool for terrorist material identification and removal for smaller platforms. Read more WorldGoogle ProductExtremism

December 2022

In Thailand, a new law is forcing online service providers and social media platforms to take down content within 24 hours without a court order. Read more Thailand Regulatory
Wikipedia Foundation executives are arguing that the UK's Online Safety Bill would require platforms to monitor all content, which is prohibited in the EU's DSA. Read more UK RegulatoryPrivacy
Meta is launching HMA, a new free tool helping platforms identify and remove violating content. Read more or even more WorldMeta ProductExtremism
Ireland is signing its Online Safety and Media Regulation Act 2022. Read more Ireland Regulatory
Apple is cancelling its plan to scan photos stored in iCloud to detect CSAM. Read more WorldApple ProductChild Safety
Meta's oversight board is suggesting that Meta's cross check programme is more commercially driven than commited to human rights. Read more WorldMeta Product
The UK government is dropping the "legal but harmful" provisions of the Online Safety Bill and adding new duties boosting free speech and increasing accountability of tech firms. Read more or even more UK Regulatory
TikTok and Bumble are joining Meta to stop revenge porn by blocking images from's bank of hashes. Read more or even more WorldTikTokBumbleMeta ProductAdult

November 2022

Naver Z is introducing its Safety Advisory Council providing expertise on their policy and features. Read more or even more WorldNaver Product
Singapore is passing an Online Safety Bill requiring social media sites to block "harmful content" within hours. Read more Singapore Regulatory
Twitter is announcing its Covid misinformation policy is no longer enforced. Read more or even more WorldTwitter ProductMisinformation
Teleperformance is announcing it will no longer accept any new highly egregious content moderation work. Read more WorldTeleperformance Product
The EU Digital Services Act (DSA) is coming into force, creating new rules to ensure transparency and users protection and rights on online platforms. Read more or even more EU Regulatory
Australia, Fiji, Ireland and the UK are launching a Global Online Safety Regulators Network paving the way for a coherent international approach to online safety regulation. Read more AustraliaFijiIrelandUK Regulatory
The French government is creating a Laboratory for Childhood protection Online Charter encouraging knowledge sharing and new initiatives development. Read more France RegulatoryChild Safety
Instagram is rolling out age verification using Yoti, a platform conducting facial feature analysis to estimate a user's age, but dropping social vouching. Read more UKMeta ProductChild Safety
Vietnam is tightening regulations regarding "false" content on social media platforms so that it is taken down within 24 hours instead of 48 hours. Read more Vietnam RegulatoryMisinformation

October 2022

The EU Digital Markets Act (DMA) is entering into force, putting an end to unfair practices by companies acting as gatekeepers in the online platform economy. Read more or even more EU Regulatory
The Indian government is forming a government panel to hear complaints from users about content moderation decisions by social media platforms. Read more India Regulatory
TikTok is introducing new and updated features and policies for its LIVE community. Read more WorldTikTok ProductChild Safety
Twitter is reviewing its policies around permanently banning users. Read more WorldTwitter Product
Spotify is acquiring Kinzen, a firm specialized in identifying harmul audio content. Read more WorldSpotify ProductHateMisinformation
The EU Council is giving final approval to the Digital Services Act (DSA). Read more EU Regulatory
Singapore is introducing a bill into Parliament to fight egregious and harmful online content. Read more Singapore RegulatoryAdultChild SafetyExtremismSelf-harm

September 2022

Tumblr is creating community labels allowing users to avoid seeing unwanted content. Read more WorldTumblr ProductAdultSubstancesViolence
Twitter is opening the Twitter Moderation Research Consortium (TMRC) to researchers. Read more WorldTwitter Product
Instagram is developing a feature protecting users from receiving unsolicited nude photos. Read more WorldMeta ProductAdult
Facebook is experimenting with asking 250 users to help moderate climate speech. Read more WorldMeta ProductMisinformation
YouTube is announcing updated content moderation policies to prohibit violent extremist content. Read more WorldYouTube ProductExtremism
California is requiring platforms to report how they moderate hate speech, extremism, harassment and other objectionable behaviors. Read more US RegulatoryExtremismHarassmentHate
Twitter is expanding its fact-checking feature Birdwatch, allowing users to add additional context to tweets. Read more WorldTwitter ProductMisinformation

August 2022

OpenAI is introducing a content moderation endpoint assessing whether the content is sexual, hateful or promoting self-harm. Read more WorldOpenAI ProductAdultHateSelf-harm
TikTok is said to be training its moderators to detect CSAM using graphic images and videos as a reference guide. Read more WorldTikTok ProductChild Safety
Indonesia is blocking access to various online platforms such as PayPal, Steam and Yahoo after they failed to comply with a regulatory deadline. Read more Indonesia Regulatory

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