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Powerful AIs to make sure your users' profile images are clean, authentic and high-quality. Detect fakes, spam, scams, abuse and unwanted content.

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Getting users to share genuine, high-quality profile images can be challenging.

Sightengine helps social apps, dating sites, games and platforms automatically accept or reject profile pictures based on advanced rules. Make sure the images are real, clear and appropriate.

Automatically detect fake profile pictures, stolen images, images containing unwanted content such as provocative gestures, children, substances, violence, suggestive poses and more.


Detect AI-generated profile images

Detect fake profile images generated with an AI such as MidJourney, Stable Diffusion or Dall-E. Detect very realistic head shots generated with GANs. They might fool humans, but won't fool our AI.

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AI-generated images

Detect Face swaps & Deepfakes

Detect deepfakes and images where users have swapped a face. This can happen when users try to impersonate someone, to scam other users or to be deceptive.

Image & Video moderation

Non-photographic profile images

Prevent users from using illustrations, cartoons, video game renderings, emojis or avatars as profile pictures. Only accept natural photos.

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Non-photographic photo profiles

Stolen images, spam & duplicates

Quickly identify similar or duplicate profile pictures. Prevent spammy behavior. Detect catfishers and scammers who typically reuse similar profile pictures across accounts.

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Near-duplicate detection

Partly hidden faces

Detect images where the face is partly of fully occluded by an object, a mask, sunglasses or hands. Choose the level of occlusion that is acceptable. Detect profile images where faces are partly out of frame.

Face occlusion and obstructions

Detect face filters

Detect images with face-distorting filters, heavy non-distorting filters and virtual elements used to decorate or modify a face. This includes filters from popular social media sites and messaging platforms. In such cases, the face can become hard to recognize.

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Distorting and non-distorting face filters

Low image quality

Automatically detect low-quality images. Identify issues like bad framing, blurriness, and poor lighting. Highlight high-quality content efficiently.

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Low quality

Exposure, framing & focus

Low quality content

Circumvention attempts & Watermarks

Detect abusive links, QR codes, phone numbers, email addresses or references to other platforms. Detect embedded contact information in images. Prevent phishing, extortion and circumvention attempts.

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External username


Moderate unwanted content

Use our advanced Image Moderation to detect images containing suggestive content, violence, hate, drugs, alcohol, or any other type of unwanted content. Pick & choose from 110 content classes.

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Image & Video moderation

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