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Tiny $ 29/month

  • 5 000 operations per month
  • $0.006 per additional operation
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Large $ 399/month

  • 200 000 operations per month
  • $0.002 per additional operation
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  • Up to 1 billion operations per month
  • Custom infrastructure
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Plan FAQ

What is an Operation?

An Operation is counted when an analysis is performed on an image. For instance, running Nudity Detection on 1 image counts as 1 operation. Some API endpoints may bundle several operations (such as nudity detection, face detection, type detection etc...). Each API call that consumes operations will return a specific field to let you know how many operations were used.

Can I change or terminate a plan whenever I want?

Yes! You can upgrade, downgrade or terminate your plan anytime. The change will be effective at the end of your current 30-day billing period.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes there is a Free plan that you can use to test our API.

Can I stay on the Free plan forever?

Yes you can. There is no time limit.

What happens if I exceed a plan?

No worries if you exceed your quota. We know this can happen and your service shouldn't be affected. If you exceed your quota we will simply apply the per operation rate and charge you for this additional usage a few days later.

Is it possible to perform Bulk Analysis?

If you have a set of images that you need to moderate as part of a one-off job, we can come up with a custom solution for you. This is a great way to get started and this is how many customers actually started working with us.

If my request results in an error, will that be counted towards my monthly limit?

No, we only count requests that result in a successful response. You won't get a higher bill because of errors or invalid photos.

More questions? See our Detailed FAQ or get in touch.