Anonymize Images: Remove Personally Identifiable Information at scale

Detect and remove faces, phone numbers, email addresses and more from any Image

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Image Redaction API Remove personal information from images

Image Redaction API: Automatically blurs and removes any personal information

Make sure your operations are GDPR-compliant.
Protect users' and bypassers' privacy by keeping their Personally Identifiable Information hidden.

Automatically hide faces

Preserve the privacy of people by making it impossible to recognize them. Let our API detect and hide visible faces. Thanks to our face-detection technology and our age detection algorithms you can choose to hide all faces or only faces assumed to belong to children and teens under 18.

blur pixelate hide mask...

Remove text with personal information

Automatically hide any visible text. Choose to apply our filter to all text, or apply conditions to only hide specific text information. Thanks to our automated text detection you can filter based upon the type of text (artificial or natural) or its contents.

address phone number SSN credit card license plate...

Strip location and date information

Images may contain personal information in their meta-data. Let our API automatically remove any unwanted meta-data. Choose to remove everything or selectively remove the GPS location, date, camera details...

date time GPS coordinates camera type...


Privacy by Design: Make sure you don't unintentionally store or use personal information

Leverage our AI to automatically detect and remove personal information in any visual content

Works with all your visual content: Capture, store and analyze photos, camera feeds and videos while still being compliant with the increasingly stringent privacy regulations.

Public cameras: collect relevant data from surveillance and public cameras while keeping pedestrians, people's faces and license plates private

Automotive: use and analyze on-board camera feeds, while keeping license plates and pedestrian faces hidden

Retail: produce relevant in-store analytics based on your cameras while keeping customer's identity confidential and secure

Why use Sightengine?

Fast and scalable

Whether you need to process 5 or 50 million photos, the API scales automatically to adapt to your needs.
Easily grow your Image Processing Pipeline along with your business.


We leverage state-of-the-art AI and Machine Learning to restore details in images. Our API is optimized to address any kind of photo: landscapes, architecture, people, animals and more.

Easy to integrate

The API was built by developers for developers. You only need a few lines of code to be up and running.
Leverage our simple SDKs and detailed documentation.

Privacy compliant

No human in the loop, your images remain private and are not shared with any 3rd party.


By the way, we also do Image Moderation!

Standard Moderation

Face / People related

Text analysis, QR codes and OCR

AI Generation and Editing

Content Description

Near-duplicate Detection

Fraud Detection


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