Dating Profile Moderation

Optimized for Dating websites and apps

Sightengine has been working with large as well as small Dating websites and apps since the very first day. Our APIs were developed with the specific needs of dating websites in mind, and have since been tailored to suit most use-cases.

From a simple nudity-detection tool, we have evolved into a simple and efficient platform to help you automatically filter and remove any unwanted Images and Videos.

It takes us less than a second to detect nudity, suggestive poses, hate, violence, weapons, alcohol, drugs, deceptive images, minors, groups, or images containing ads or personal information.

Addressing your specific needs for Image and Video Moderation

Dating sites and apps rely on users submitting personal information such as profile images and videos. To build trust and create a pleasant experience for their users, dating sites have to make sure that those images and videos are not deceptive and remain in line with their terms of use. Any photo containing nudity, containing a hateful message, coming from a scam artist or including a minor for instance will make the website/app look bad.

Here is the list of situations you would want to avoid and how we can help:

CriteriaOur solution
Photos with more than one faceFace Detection model
Photos containing a minorFace Detection model
Photos containing nudity or suggestive posesNudity Detection model
Photos containing weapons or violenceWeapon/Alcohol/Drugs model
Photos with unwanted content such as alcohol or drugsWeapon/Alcohol/Drugs model
Photos displaying hate (nazi signs, middle fingers...)Offensive Detection model
Photos known to be used by scam artistsScam Detection model
Photos with hidden facesSunglasses Detection model

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