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Powerful APIs to automatically assess, filter and moderate images, videos and text. Build an efficient and scalable content analysis pipeline.

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Moderate Images and Videos

The most complete solution, with 110 moderation classes across nudity, hate, violence, drugs, weapons, self-harm and more. Context-aware. Highly customizable and fine-tuned to your needs. More accurate than other solutions.

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Image & Video moderation

Moderate any Text

Detect sexual, hateful, violent, insulting or otherwise inappropriate texts. Detect personal information, links, usernames. Detect attempts to engage in restricted activities.

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Text moderation

Flag AI-generated images

Automatically determine if an image was AI-generated or not. Assess the authenticity of media. Flag GenAI and deepfakes.

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Stable Diffusion


Detect near-duplicates and spam

Identify similar and duplicate content. Prevent spammy behavior. Create custom disallow lists to block abuse.

See Near Duplicate Detection
Near-duplicate detection

Detect attempts to circumvent or disintermediate your platform

Detect abusive links, QR codes, phone numbers, email addresses or references to other platforms. Detect embedded contact information in images. Prevent phishing, extortion and circumvention attempts.

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Screen restricted activities and products

Detect activities such as smoking, vaping, gambling, drinking alcohol. Detect sextoys, banknotes, coins...

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Restricted activities and products

Assess image quality

Automatically detect low-quality images. Identify issues like bad framing, blurriness, and poor lighting. Highlight high-quality content efficiently.

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Low quality

Exposure, framing & focus

Low quality content

Validate profile images

Enhanced profile picture verification: check if the image contains a clear and recognizable face, if the face is real, if other people or children are present, etc.

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Profile picture validation

Why use Sightengine

Fast and scalable

The API returns moderation results instantly and scales automatically to adapt to your needs.
Easily grow your Moderation Pipeline to tens of millions of images per month.


Built upon state-of-the-art models and proprietary technology. The moderation decisions are consistent and auditable, with feedback loops and continuous improvement built-in.

Easy to integrate

The API was built by developers for developers. You only need a few lines of code to be up and running.
Leverage our simple SDKs and detailed documentation.

Privacy compliant

No human moderator is involved, your images remain private and are not shared with any 3rd party.

Build the perfect Moderation Pipeline
  • Make sure photos and videos are appropriate, safe and authentic
  • Block spammers, scammers, ads and other malicious activity
  • Enforce your terms of use

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