Moderate and filter inappropriate and violent images and videos

The WAD endpoint recognizes and detects different categories of items that are not appropriate for the general public. The endoint is great for anyone who needs to moderate user-generated images and remove photos that contain gun-related violence or displays of alcohol or drugs.

Detect firearms and knives

Guns, rifles, carbines, military weapons along with other types of weapons such as knives.

Detect alcoholic beverages

Wine, beer, liquors, spirits and other alcoholic beverages.

Detect medical drugs

Prescription drugs, syringes and other medical devices.

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Fast and scalable

The API returns moderation results instantly and scales automatically to adapt to your needs.
Easily grow your Moderation Pipeline to tens of millions of images per month.


Built upon state-of-the-art models and proprietary technology. The moderation decisions are consistent and auditable, with feedback loops and continuous improvement built-in.

Easy to integrate

The API was built by developers for developers. You only need a few lines of code to be up and running.
Leverage our simple SDKs and detailed documentation.

Privacy compliant

No human moderator is involved, your images remain private and are not shared with any 3rd party.


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