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May 2024

Ofcom is providing a fraud-specific Online Safety Act update. Read more EU RegulatoryMisinformationPrivacy

April 2024

The European Commission is issuing digital measures under the DSA to combat electoral risks. Read more EU RegulatoryMisinformation

December 2023

UK's government is joining forces with leading tech companies to develop and commit to the Online Fraud Charter. Read more UK RegulatoryMisinformation

November 2023

Meta is updating its political advertising policies to cover AI-generated imaged and videos. Read more WorldMeta ProductMisinformation
Australia is releasing new online safety standards to tackle terror and CSAM, including deepfakes created using generative AI. Read more or even more Australia RegulatoryChild SafetyExtremismMisinformationViolence
YouTube is announcing a series of policy changes aiming to inform viewers when content has been generated by AI. Read more WorldYouTube RegulatoryMisinformation

October 2023

X is announcing that posts corrected by Community Notes will now become ineligible for revenue share. Read more World ProductMisinformation
Meta and TikTok are announcing they took action to counter misinformation following the attack by Hamas on Israel. Read more or even more WorldTikTok ProductMisinformation
EU is warning Meta, X and TikTok that it could face fines for failing to remove illegal pro-Hamas content. Read more or even more EUMetaTikTok RegulatoryMisinformation
Meta's Oversight Board is planning to open a case involving political deepfakes. Read more or even more WorldMeta ProductMisinformation

September 2023

X is disabling a tool allowing users to report electoral fake news. Read more World ProductMisinformation

August 2023

ADL is urging Meta’s Oversight Board to take action to improve addressing Holocaust denial and distortion. Read more WorldMeta ProductHateMisinformation
Meta's Oversight Board is announcing Holocaust Denial as a new case for consideration, inviting people and organizations to submit public comments. Read more WorldMeta ProductHateMisinformation
Somalia is banning TikTok and Telegram over the spread of horrific content and misinformation. Read more SomaliaTelegramTikTok RegulatoryMisinformation
YouTube is updating its policies to tackle medical misinformation and remove harmful cancer claims. Read more WorldYouTube ProductMisinformation

July 2023

The UK is proposing new rules targeting illegal ads and fake celebrity scams. Read more UK RegulatoryMisinformation
Kazakhstan is adopting new laws on online platforms and online advertising to fight misinformation and tax evasion. Read more Kazakhstan RegulatoryMisinformation

June 2023

Meta is rolling back its measures to curb the spread of Covid misinformation. Read more WorldMeta ProductMisinformation
The EU is urging social media platforms to start labelling AI-generated content and images. Read more EU RegulatoryMisinformation
YouTube is announcing it will no longer remove videos with false claims of fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Read more WorldYouTube ProductMisinformation

May 2023

Twitter is launching Community Notes for images in posts to address misleading images and emphasize crowdsourced moderation. Read more WorldTwitter ProductMisinformation
Twitter is pulling out of the EU's voluntary code to fight disinformation. Read more EUTwitter RegulatoryMisinformation

April 2023

TikTok is changing its misinformation policy to ban all climate change denial content on its platform. Read more WorldTikTok ProductMisinformation
Meta's Oversight Board is asking the social media company to keep its covid misinformation policy and to be more transparent when removing content. Read more WorldMeta ProductMisinformation
India is prohibiting Facebook, Twitter and others from hosting misleading information about the government, requiring them to rely on their own fact-check unit. Read more IndiaFacebookTwitter RegulatoryMisinformation

March 2023

TikTok is unveiling its updated community guidelines that will focus on improving content moderation on the platform and take effect on April 21st. Read more WorldTikTok ProductChild SafetyMisinformation
UNESCO is launching a National Coalition on Freedom of Expression and Content Moderation in Kenya. Read more Kenya RegulatoryHateMisinformation
Meta's oversight board is planning to scrutinize the social network’s policies surrounding election content in Brazil and other “high-risk” areas. Read more BrazilMeta ProductMisinformation

February 2023

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is launching a new short-code aiming at combating fake news. Read more Nigeria RegulatoryMisinformation
UK is announcing that content generated by AI chatbots will fall within the Online Safety Bill's scope. Read more UK RegulatoryChild SafetyMisinformationSelf-harm
Google is expanding its misinformation "prebunking" initiative to Germany. Read more GermanyGoogle ProductMisinformation

January 2023

Japan is creating a new agency to counter fake news and online disinformation. Read more Japan RegulatoryMisinformation
China is implementing new rules on generative AI and deepfakes, requiring specific labeling and banning their use for fake news generation. Read more China RegulatoryMisinformation

November 2022

Twitter is announcing its Covid misinformation policy is no longer enforced. Read more or even more WorldTwitter ProductMisinformation
Vietnam is tightening regulations regarding "false" content on social media platforms so that it is taken down within 24 hours instead of 48 hours. Read more Vietnam RegulatoryMisinformation

October 2022

Spotify is acquiring Kinzen, a firm specialized in identifying harmul audio content. Read more WorldSpotify ProductHateMisinformation

September 2022

Facebook is experimenting with asking 250 users to help moderate climate speech. Read more WorldMeta ProductMisinformation
Twitter is expanding its fact-checking feature Birdwatch, allowing users to add additional context to tweets. Read more WorldTwitter ProductMisinformation

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