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June 2024

LinkedIn is disabling a feature allowing advertisers to target European users based on membership in groups. Read more EU ProductPrivacy

May 2024

Ofcom is providing a fraud-specific Online Safety Act update. Read more EU RegulatoryMisinformationPrivacy

October 2023

Snapchat is facing accusations over its failure to assess privacy risks of its generative AI chatbot "My AI". Read more WorldSnapchat ProductPrivacy

May 2023

The US are taking new steps to protect the privacy, safety and mental health of children online. Read more US RegulatoryChild SafetyPrivacy

April 2023

Texas is giving initial approval to a bill requiring platforms to protect minors from harmful content and give parents more control. Read more US RegulatoryChild SafetyPrivacy
Florida is advancing a bill requiring companies to be more transparent and to get permission to collect and sell personal data. Read more US RegulatoryPrivacy

March 2023

Italy is temporarily banning ChatGPT over privacy concerns and lack of age verification. Read more Italy RegulatoryChild SafetyPrivacy
The House of Representatives is passing a bill to protect online speech from federal officials. Read more US RegulatoryPrivacy
Meta is introducing a new way for users to authenticate their account with a missed call. Read more WorldMeta ProductPrivacy
Texas is proposing a bill requiring platforms to protect minors from harmful content and to get parental consent before data collection. Read more US RegulatoryChild SafetyPrivacy
Wisconsin is joining other states requesting court order for TikTok to comply with investigation into its communication practices. Read more USTikTok ProductChild SafetyPrivacy

February 2023

Signal is threatening to shut down in the UK if the Online Safety Bill forces the platform to violate users privacy. Read more UKSignal ProductPrivacy
TikTok is announcing the creation of new European data centers to stay in compliance with EU DSA rules. Read more EUTikTok ProductPrivacy
Meta is rolling out a new version of its ad-matching tool, providing more information about how users activities are feeding ML models. Read more WorldMeta ProductPrivacy

December 2022

Wikipedia Foundation executives are arguing that the UK's Online Safety Bill would require platforms to monitor all content, which is prohibited in the EU's DSA. Read more UK RegulatoryPrivacy

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