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January 2024

Meta is restricting teens from viewing content that deals with topics like suicide, self-harm, and eating disorders. Read more WorldMeta ProductChild SafetySelf-harm

May 2023

The UK is adding a new proposition to the Online Safety Bill, making it illegal to promote or assist self-harm and suicide. Read more UK RegulatorySelf-harm

April 2023

YouTube is updating its guidelines for eating disorder-related content, banning content including extreme calorie counting or purging after eating. Read more WorldYouTube ProductSelf-harm

February 2023

UK is announcing that content generated by AI chatbots will fall within the Online Safety Bill's scope. Read more UK RegulatoryChild SafetyMisinformationSelf-harm

October 2022

Singapore is introducing a bill into Parliament to fight egregious and harmful online content. Read more Singapore RegulatoryAdultChild SafetyExtremismSelf-harm

August 2022

OpenAI is introducing a content moderation endpoint assessing whether the content is sexual, hateful or promoting self-harm. Read more WorldOpenAI ProductAdultHateSelf-harm

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