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November 2023

Australia is releasing new online safety standards to tackle terror and CSAM, including deepfakes created using generative AI. Read more or even more Australia RegulatoryChild SafetyExtremismMisinformationViolence
TikTok is taking action to remove videos promoting terrorism from the platform. Read more WorldTikTok ProductExtremismViolence

August 2023

Kyrgyzstan's Culture Ministry is requesting that digital censors block access to TikTok, worried by the availability of harmful content and the lack of age restrictions on the app. Read more KyrgyzstanTikTok RegulatoryChild SafetyViolence
Meta is rejecting a recommendation from its Oversight Board to suspend the account of Cambodia's former Prime Minister. Read more CambodiaMeta ProductViolence

July 2023

Singapore is introducing a new code of practice for social media platforms to ensure online safety. Read more Singapore RegulatoryChild SafetyViolence

June 2023

Meta's oversight board is urging Cambodian Prime Minister's suspension for six months for posting a video violating rules against violent threats. Read more CambodiaMeta ProductViolence

May 2023

The UK is proposing an amendment to the Online Safety Bill, requiring platforms to prevent online abuse and violence against women. Read more UK RegulatoryHateViolence

April 2023

Brazil is introducing new social media restrictions over school violence content. Read more Brazil RegulatoryChild SafetyViolence

March 2023

Twitter is now prohibiting "wishes of harm" in its new violent speech policy, banning users expressing desire for harm. Read more WorldTwitter ProductHateViolence

February 2023

Singapore is examining a new Code of Practice seeking to remove harmful content from app stores. Read more Singapore RegulatoryAdultChild SafetyViolence
Tennessee is examining a bill asking phone manufacturers to track and block harmful content from minors. Read more US RegulatoryAdultChild SafetyViolence
Google is introducing a blur feature helping users avoiding explicit images while using the search engine. Read more WorldGoogle ProductAdultViolence
California is examining a bill targeting fentanyl and firearms sale and harm promotion to children on social media. Read more US RegulatoryChild SafetySubstancesViolence

January 2023

The National Police Agency is adding murder, guns and explosives to contents that can be requested for removal by internet service providers in March. Read more Japan RegulatoryViolence

September 2022

Tumblr is creating community labels allowing users to avoid seeing unwanted content. Read more WorldTumblr ProductAdultSubstancesViolence

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