FAQ / Video & Stream Moderation

What are the recommended or acceptable video dimensions, resolution and length?

Video file size

When you send the raw video bytes directly to a moderation API, the video should be less than 50 megabytes. If your videos are larger than that, you can use the Upload API which supports video files that are more than the above limit.

Video dimensions and resolution

You don't need to submit HD or 4K quality streams for Video Moderation to work. 480p quality is usually enough and will work well, while saving bandwidth costs.

Just like with images, videos must be at least 50 pixels in width or height. Videos that are smaller might be rejected.

Video length

The Synchronous API requires videos to be less than 60 seconds long.

The Asynchronous API works with longer videos. There currently is a timeout built-in that will stop any moderation task after 30 minutes. You can override this setting by using the max_duration parameter to set a new maximum duration (in seconds). This setting can be increased up to 3600 s (60 minutes). If you need to support longer videos, please get in touch.

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