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Can I detect and moderate links and QR codes?

Our URL and Link Moderation can be used to detect and filter links wherever they appear in texts or images with embedded texts or QR codes.

In Texts

The URL Moderation model automatically flags links and URLs using the Ruled-based mode. When applicable, the API also returns the unsafe category to which the link or URL belongs. Here is the list of categories that Sightengine will flag for you:


sites presenting a risk for visitors, such as phishing, malware, scams


sites containing porn, erotica, escort services


legal and illegal casinos, money games


sites promoting or selling recreational drugs


extremist or hateful content


your own custom disallow lists and allow lists

All categories apart from the custom one work directly out-of-the-box. The categories cover links and URLs from more than 5 million domains known to host unwanted content. Our lists are updated weekly to reflect the ever changing nature of the web.

In Images and Videos

URL and Link moderation

The Text in Image Moderation model can be used to detect if an image or video contains a written link, and determine if this link is problematic.

QR code Moderation

The QR code Moderation API lets you to detect if an image or video contains QR codes and determine if the content of those QR codes is problematic.

Problematic QR codes either contain profanity (insults, discriminatory content, sexual content or other inappropriate words and phrases), personal information or a URL belonging to one of the unsafe categories listed above.

The QR Code Moderation API for Images works in several steps:

  • Detection of QR codes contained in the image.
  • Decoding of the QR code content.
  • Analysis of the content through our moderation engine.

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