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Can you help my platform comply with the Digital Services Act?

The Digital Services Act (DSA) aims at creating online safety standards across the European Union (EU). It is a set of rules and regulations applying in the EU with the main goal of ensuring a safer online space for users by protecting their rights and addressing illegal content and products online. It also requires platforms to be accountable and transparent about how they collect and handle data.

The DSA applies to all digital services, i.e. all businesses or organizations providing online services in any member state of the EU.

Compliance, accountability and transparency are the three concepts to keep in mind when it comes to the DSA. Content moderation is essential to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment for users, and it becomes even more crucial under the DSA. It is a service that can:

  • Help platforms comply with the regulations by quickly and proactively detecting unwanted and illegal content.
  • Provide guidance to platforms on how identified illegal user-generated content (UGC) should be treated under the law.
  • Make sure users rights are respected and increase their trust and well-being on the platform.
  • Improve transparency and accountability by providing more visibility on the type of UGC found on the platform and how it is monitored.

Be sure to check our Knowledge Center to know more about Content Moderation and Trust & Safety (T&S) and our T&S Changelog to stay up-to-date with the latest regulations.

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