Nudity Detection

FAQ / Why Sightengine

What is Sightengine's Return on Investment?

We believe our solution can help:

  • Increase user engagement and satisfaction by decreasing the probability that they will be exposed to unwanted content.
  • Reduce your costs by performing your moderation tasks with an automated solution.
  • Increase your partners' satisfaction, such as advertisers that expect you to never show their ads alongside unwanted images.
  • Comply with regulatory and privacy obligations: your images are safe and remain private during the moderation step. No humans are involved.

Here are a few examples of what we have been told by our users:

  • Dating network has slashed image moderation delays from an average of 27 minutes to 1 second, hence increasing user engagement.
  • Gaming app saw a 10 times reduction in images reported by users, hence improving user satisfaction and App Store ratings.
  • Social network was able to keep up with a very high growth rate (10 times over 5 weeks) with no time spent scaling moderation teams or code.
  • Media performing burst campaigns was able to handle very sharp peak loads. All images were coming in over a few minutes after an event and moderation capacity had to be responsive to handle all the load in near real-time.

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