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FAQ / Image Moderation

What are the acceptable / recommended image dimensions?


While our models were built to work with all images, both small and large, we recommend that you don't downscale your images to less than 300x300 pixels. Resizing images to less than 300x300 pixels might result in reduced accuracy.

Is bigger always better? Well not always. While bigger images help our models perform better, there is a trade-off as larger images will result in more bandwidth consumption and slightly slower response times — due to the additional time to transfer the image.

Most of the time, users submit the images in whatever size they already have at hand. This is the easiest way to use our API.

We do recommend, though, that you send an optimized version of your image (typically less than 1 megabyte) to reduce latency and optimize bandwidth usage. Please reach out to ask for a custom plan if you need to process images that are more than 12 megabytes.

If you ever need to reduce the size of images while preserving their quality and size, we recommend that you have a look at JPEGoptim for JPG images or OptiPNG for PNG images.

For detailed recommendations on the optimal image dimensions, please have a look at our Model Documentation.

Upper and lower limits

There is no upper bound to the width and height of the image, as long as the image is less than 12 megabytes.

There is, though, a lower limit to the image dimensions as images that are too small would yield bad results. Currently we set the limit at 50 pixels, meaning that images that have a width or height of less than 50 will be rejected.

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