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Can you improve the moderation results based on my reports of incorrectly classified or mislabeled images?

Our Image Moderation models have been trained to achieve best-in-class accuracy, yet you might want to report images you believe were misclassified. To do that, you can submit the image to the Feedback API.

Submitted images are used to improve the models on a continuous basis so your feedback is precious! This can also be used to progressively train custom models adapted to your specific needs if you so wish.

To send an image to the Feedback API, you will need the image itself, the name of the model and the expected class (or the unknown label if the expected class is not available). Here are the available class:

ModelPossible classes
nuditysafe partial raw bikini chest cleavage lingerie unknown
nudity-2.0safe sexual_activity sexual_display erotica bikini male_chest cleavage lingerie miniskirt male_underwear miniskirt unknown
typephoto illustration unknown
facenone single multiple unknown
wadno-weapons weapons no-alcohol alcohol no-drugs drugs unknown
celebritiesno-celebrity celebrity unknown
textno-text text-artificial text-natural unknown
offensivenot-offensive offensive unknown
scamnot-scam scam unknown
minorno-minor minor unknown
gendermale female unknown
tobaccono-tobacco tobacco unknown
gamblingno-gambling gambling unknown
moneyno-money money unknown
text-contentsafe unsafe unknown
qr-contentsafe unsafe unknown
unknownunknown miss safe

Sending a request to the Feedback API is very similar to requests sent to the Image Moderation API, see our documentation to get some code examples.

Please note that submitting an image to the Feedback API does not count as an operation and will not impact your billing.

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