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How do you process GIF images with multiple frames (animated GIFs)?

To efficiently moderate animated GIF images, it is important to look at the full animation sequence rather than just the first or last frame. This is why our moderation engine will analyze the full animation sequence and process all relevant frames within the GIF image.

Since GIF images contain multiple frames, the number of operations consumed while analyzing a GIF image will be larger than for still images. The number of operations consumed will depend on the number of frames and the complexity of the GIF image. In any case, the number of operations will never exceed the number of operations you would consume by submitting each frame individually.

Some GIF images with a very large number of frames may not be analyzed as it would take too much time within a single request. If this is the case, you will get an error message from the API telling you so. To process such GIF images you can either split the GIF images into several GIF images with fewer frames, or get in touch to ask for a custom plan.

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